How we can help your business

Our experts work in a ‘hands-on’ manner and ensure that they support organisations from developers to investors, restaurants to hotels, and bars to coffee shops, to develop sustainable, realistic, and reliable profitability strategies. We are deeply passionate about the hospitality industry, and about the standards and services provided in this significant sector, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Feasibility studies are critical in helping a developer to understand local demand and it being quantified through detailed analysis and testing of all markets to ensure that the result is a forecast of demand and profitability, having taken account of local occupancy, room rates, and sales conversion opportunities.

We conduct studies and analysis in a realistic way, ensuring that we take account:

  • Current industry data and statistics
  • Existing local competition
  • Regional and national variables
  • Local and national economic data
  • Local developments
  • Market trends
  • Potential political impacts
  • Target markets

Our methodology is to combine this "hard data" with our wider industry knowledge and experience, along with our unique creative approach, in order to present you with a robust study, and a highly personalised and considered report for your specific project.

This means you receive a "non-vanilla", non "broad-brush", fully personalised result.

We work in partnership with investment organisations whom specialise in analysis, acquisition, and disposals of commercial property across the UK. 

We provide valuable advice and draw on complex cash flow models to accurately articulate the potential value of property and / or land, allowing us to work with investors and owners to assist their understanding. 

Calling on many years’ experience working at the highest level, informed negotiation is one of the strongest assets we have at our disposal.

We work with many designers, architects, brand developers, and artists. 

A concept is much more than the design and physical layout of your business; it should encompass the DNA of your brand and what you imagined it to be. It offers the service you want to give as an organisation, whilst reflecting the ambience, attention to detail, guest experience, and quality of your products. It is what you want your business to be known and remembered for.

We have skilled and experienced Associates who are experts in their field at pointing you in the right direction.

It is vital that your business plan shows that you have given detailed thought and consideration to it.  It must convey the organisational structure of your business and will act as a management tool, that can be referred to when checking performance against forecast.  This allows you to keep track of operational milestones and keeps the business focused on it’s longer term objectives and goals.

We look at all elements involved with the business planning process and work with you to create a written document which encompasses your strategic aims, objectives and plans for each area of your business.

Detailed analysis and asset management is critical to ensure sustained profitability for all businesses. 

We regularly carry out revenue interpretation and analysis of demand generators, financial reporting, and management data to assess performance against targets and where necessary, develop the appropriate strategies to enhance performance.

We conduct on-site property inspections and outline operational deficiencies in standards of performance. 

Where appropriate we prepare and deliver reports and feedback in an accurate and objective manner, and use data from company bench marking systems to improve operating results and develop best practice.

We ensure that the business has current information on the market and demographic changes, change in demand and any impacts which may affect the performance of the business.

We make sure that management contracts and other agreements are complied with, and participate in development of hotel strategic plans with the executive leadership and management teams.

If we manage your asset and employ our described methodology, you can be confident that the best results possible will be delivered for your business, in line with your aims and objectives.

In every business there is always at least one area that can be improved. Our role in assisting you with this is to introduce key principles of understanding, and we take a hands-on approach to spend time in your business working alongside the team, encouraging them to embrace change through personal leadership development.

In the competitive market, making a profit is often difficult and challenging.  You can however, make a significant difference to your bottom line with some easily implementable steps.    Of course, these steps change and vary, according to the type of business that you own and operate.  Our job is to tailor strategies, in order to ensure that they have the maximum impact for you to achieve your desired outcome.

We will conduct a forensic analysis of costs, marketing, management costs, income streams and make our recommendations. Based on the outcome of this analysis, on order to provide you with information on which to make your decisions and achieve your business aim.

Each area of assessment that we undertake has a dedicated resource, to ensure that nothing is overlooked or missed. This gives you peace of mind and comfort, having the knowledge that we are your “eyes and ears”.  We have your best interests covered.  You will also benefit from an objective review, which isn’t always the case with an in-house review by your own team.

We work with many seasoned and experienced professional recruitment organisations across the UK.

Employing passionate, well trained, experienced staff is vital to keep the industry alive. Over 13% of the UK workforce is employed in hospitality and this is on the increase. We also work closely with stakeholders to lead and advise on the recruitment of apprentices and the opportunities open to them.

With the connections we have, we are better placed than most in providing you with suitable candidates, all of whom have been screened and interviewed face to face by us.

We do not believe in simply “paper sifting” and forwarding CV’s that “look promising”, because we recognise that paper does not accurately reflect the person. We get to know the individual before considering the next steps.

Employees are the lifeblood of your company and they are one of the pillars that help your business succeed. We know this and we know how important it is to get it right, first time.

Education and training should not be viewed as a cost; it should be an investment. We all know that many hospitality workers start in entry-level positions and work their way up into higher level jobs. When a company takes the time to train and educate people, it helps with retention and with developing talent from within.

We can guide you through the steps necessary and the available options that currently sit in the general marketplace, but we can also tailor packages to suit the nuances that your business and people may have.

We are experts in this field and have assessed the current situation facing employers, as well as having assessed the impact that Brexit will have on our industry.

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