HOTEL FUTURE The Next Generation of Hospitality Professionals
THE VISION In this brochure we, the Directors of Hotel Future Foundation are delighted to explain our vision to deliver inclusive education and training for the hospitality sector. The concept is to work alongside major brands using the Hotel Future template in our operating model to educate and train the ‘Next Generation of Hospitality Professionals’ by ‘Learning in the Real World’ of special commercial hotels.

To achieve this, the total experience must be aspirational and inspirational for the guests, staff and learners alike. The hotels must be able to demonstrate the highest industry standards and create the environment which has the core values of excellence and learning.

In order to be successful in achieving those aims, the hotel must be a commercial success. There is a completely integrated relationship - the commercial success of the hotel creates the real world learning environment.

We want this to be pioneers in a learning hotels chain that will eventually spread across the UK - and one that attracts and retains talent in a way that transforms vocational education and training.

Hundreds of thousands of people plan to work in this fast-growing sector and yet there are still few practical integrated education and training opportunities to help them get started. Hotel Future will create unmatched aspirational opportunities in an unrivalled environment.

It will mean people can be educated and trained across all levels of the industry - from receptionist and kitchen porter to hotel management posts. All will get invaluable experience with real customers, challenges and opportunities on a scale they simply cannot get elsewhere.

This is a hugely exciting prospect for hospitality which is why it has already received widespread support. We have had support from industry advocates like the the former British Hospitality Association, the Institute of Hospitality and the Master Innholders, Manchester Hoteliers Association, and brands like Hilton, Marriot, Malmaison, Carlson Rezidor and Radisson Edwardian.

This brochure explains what Hotel Future will offer for visitors, trainees and the industry and it also outlines the fantastic opportunities it represents for hoteliers, hospitality companies and professionals to develop and grow the talent it needs for the future.
THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE INDUSTRY Pre-COVID-19,Hospitality accounted for 1 in 13 of the UK’s total working population.

This represented more than £90 billion of the UK’s economic activity.

Brexit related uncertainties and the Pandemic, mean that the sector will face employment challenges but the Hotel Future Foundation view this as a perfect opportunity to up-skill the indigenous population and provide jobs and sustainable employment to many people.

Hospitality traditionally attracts a young workforce with 36 per cent of current employees aged under 24 and 38 per cent aged between 24 and 44. With more than 1 in 5 young people unemployed across the UK this represents a significant opportunity to make a difference.

Employers are currently reporting that entry level employees need to develop core skills for the industry including customer relations, team working and communication skills alongside technical and professional skills.

Through apprenticeships and a host of entry and professional level training, Hotel Future will actively support young people into the industry.
THE CONCEPT: A NATIONAL FIRST Hotel(s) Future are to be ‘learning hotels’ with totally integrated education and training offering upscale accommodation, dining and leisure facilities. The hotels are to be operated by a full, professional hotel team who as well as being the key operational staff, will have a role in mentoring, guiding and facilitating the learners whom they will be working alongside. This ‘Master and Apprentice’ relationship is fundamental to the concept and the values of Hotel Future.

Alongside commercial operations the hotels will offer bespoke education and training at all levels - for those just starting out in the industry as apprentices and established professionals seeking to gain new skills and qualifications.

The opportunity to learn in fully functioning commercial hotels will offer a unique and innovative practice-led approach to hospitality education and training and will support the industry by delivering employees that are ‘job ready’.

Professional Development Programmes at Team Leader level will offer professional education for those already in the sector whilst “real-world learning” undergraduate and higher level programmes will be offered to new entrants seeking fast track opportunities into a management career.

Executive short course programmes will offer ongoing leadership development with further opportunity for extending their professional expertise as ‘Masters’ and mentors.

“Young people are motivated by experiencing practical and vocational learning which is demanding, reflects the needs of the modern workplace, is professionally resourced and is taught by people with relevant experience.”
Hotel Future is part of the Hotel Future Foundation which is a national charity that provides the operational models, management expertise and educational and training platform, curriculum, awards and governance.

“today it is increasingly difficult to find well-qualified employees with the right attitude for the hotel industry... We need employees that pay attention to detail and provide exceptional service to deliver the competitive edge guests are willing to pay for”

Hans Koch, President European Hotel Managers Association

It is the intention of the founders to work with a range of partner employer and educational organisations in order to deliver this unique concept throughout the United Kingdom.
The Hotel Future Foundation is employer led, with an Advisory Board that includes senior industrialists and representatives of the Master Innholders, Institute of Hospitality, the former British Hospitality Association and various Hoteliers Associations and Brands.

“Training and development are paramount for the sustainable success of hospitality in the long term. Hotel Future will play a critical role in ensuring that training and career opportunities will be offered to young people across Britain, at the same time as contributing to the ongoing innovations of Britain’s hospitality industry”
Former CEO British Hospitality Association
THE INTEGRATED APPROACH The integration of the two sets of core values of Hotel Future, that of ensuring the commercial viability and success with creating a “learning environment” is achieved through ensuring the following key principles are met.
1. Developing the culture and ethos of theprogramme that recognises the importance ofthe integration and the contributions made byall of the parties

2. Setting the professional hotel and academicstandards and expectations that will berecognised, understood and adhered to byall of the stakeholders within the operation

3. Ensuring the integration and the blendingof the curriculum within the operationalneeds of the hotel whilst maintaining thecommercial success

4. Building the confidence and sharedunderstanding of all of the partners and thelearners in developing this unique opportunity
5. Promoting and celebrating the valueand importance of realworld learning withinHotel Future The benefits to local and nationalhospitality education and training will besignificant. Not just the direct benefitsof skilling, reskilling and up-skilling the localworkforce with skills shaped by a programmesdesigned by employers for employers, butthe additional benefits of creating Hotel Futureas a national centre with its innovative andcreative approach to meeting the industryneeds at all levels and acting a catalyst forraising the standards within the hospitalitysector.
“workplaces provide a strong learning environment developing hard skills on modern equipment and soft skills through the real world experiences of teamwork, communication and negotiation”
OECD, Learning for Jobs
“The workplace offers a very high quality environment, allowing students to acquire practical and professional skills on up to date equipment with practitioners familiar with the most recent working methods and practices”
OECD, Report on vocational education and training